A New Year Again?

Pam Kramer: Like last year, as Pastor Justin and I write this, it isn’t the new year yet, but we are considering what 2023 will mean for all of us. Of course, it means remembering to write 2023 when we are dating something! So why is January 1 a magical date on our calendars? For us, here at Trinity, we should use the new year to brag a bit about how much we have accomplished and grown spiritually. Think about all the things that we together have accomplished in our “reflecting the radical love of Jesus!” Simply put, the new year is a time to reflect on what we have done and learn what we might do differently to continue our success and growth. It has been a year of giving and focusing on what it is to be a follower of Jesus. It’s almost mind-boggling to think about where we are! So how do we move forward? How do we, as Trinity, use the concept of “new year” to proceed?

Pastor Justin: I’m really not the person to answer this question… It’s not that I don’t do my fair share of reflection and metanoia, I’ve just never been a New Year’s resolution kind of person. I am of the mind that any lasting change takes time and hard work. It means showing up, sometimes not knowing the path ahead, but trusting that the future is full of potential. AND there will be hiccups and mistakes along the way. I think Trinity will continue to move forward in this new year with a sense of that “showing up” and participating in the work the Holy Spirit is calling us to. It can be wild and unruly, but it will be life-giving and a lot of fun as well. So long as we meet our challenges with a sense of wonder and Holy Curiosity, we will continue to reflect the Radical Love of Christ.

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