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Trinity Lutheran Church

Our congregation is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), a community of almost five million believers.

We believe that everyone is a child of God and has a place in our congregation. No ifs, ands or buts – all are welcome.

We also welcome all to the communion table at both our traditional and contemporary services.

Visitors and new members often report feeling very welcomed and included immediately. Being part of a small church feels like a family!

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Our History

Trinity Lutheran Church has served Warrenville and the surrounding area for over 75 years.

We began conducting worship services at the Community Building in downtown Warrenville in 1942. At this early stage, Trinity was a fledgling congregation seeking simply to establish a foothold in Warrenville.

By 1950, Trinity had grown enough to build a church and later a parsonage on our current site at the corner of Warrenville Road and Curtiss Avenue. Trinity has conducted worship services on that site continuously since that time.

Over the next ten years, the congregation became a fixture in Warrenville. By the early 1960’s, more space was needed to support a growing Sunday School. Looking to the future and relying almost exclusively upon the volunteer efforts of congregational members, Trinity erected a Sunday School wing north and west of the original sanctuary.

The church experienced slow but steady growth for the next fifteen years. When the “Abbott Property” located immediately west of the church, came on the market in the late 1970’s. At the time, there was no definite plan for expansion and some apprehension around taking on additional debt. Nevertheless, the congregation took a leap of faith that and purchased the land. Its decision proved prophetic.
As members took increasingly active roles in the community, Trinity became a respected voice in Warrenville. By the mid-1980’s worship attendance had expanded to the point where additional worship space was needed. A three-year project resulted in addition of the current sanctuary.

After the sanctuary was completed, worship attendance climbed dramatically for a few years requiring demolition of the former parsonage and Abbott house to make way for the current parking lot.

During our 75-year history, Trinity found its identity in service and openness. We have a passion for service to our community. We became an “open and affirming” congregation, committed to welcome all who seek the love of Jesus Christ.

The future of Trinity is as unbounded as it is unpredictable. Please consider helping to write the next chapter of this exciting, spiritual journey.

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